Breast Cancer: The Lady Who Refuses to Die

Language : Hokkien

Part 1

After her hysterectomy in 1990, she was on hormone pills. In 1994 a lump appeared in her breast. She refused all medical intervention. Instead she tried all sorts of herbs. But her lump grew bigger and bigger. In 1999, she conceded to a mastectomy and had 500g of tissue removed. Her doctor asked her why she did not die. Other people whould have been dead for allowing the lump to grow for so long.


Part 2

Many others like me, whom I have come to know, have all died after chemo and radiotherapy. My advice: Do not worry and do not be afraid.


Part 3

2006 onwards, she suffered severe coughs. Her doctor’s medication was not effective. She was so breathless, she had no strength to walk – even for a short distance. She needed someone to take care of her. Eventually she requested to be hospitalized. But within a week, she was well. The whole episode lasted about one and a half years.


Part 4

She relates the coughs and breathlessness she endure. She had no strength and needed support to move about. She could not drive at that time.


Part 5

The doctor scolded her because she did not want to do what the doctor wanted wanted her to do.


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