The Breast Cancer War

Language : English

Breast Cancer War 1

In this story, almost half a million ringgit spent with fancy gadgets used, but patient was not getting any better. In fact, her condition became worse.  She was starting the second phase of another battle now that the cancer had spread to the other breast, after one had been removed.
Amy Soscia, a cancer patient said: There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer. It never goes away. You just move from treatment to treatment.


Breast Cancer War 2

Not all patients who come to seek our help believe in what we do. We are firm in saying that it is not for us to “influence” you to follow our ways. This has to be entirely your choice. Past statistics showed us that only 30% of those who come are really committed or believe in what we do.


Breast Cancer War 3

Some patients believe even before their experience, but others need to experience before they can believe.

Breast Cancer War 4

Tragic stories about breast cancer war abounds. But not all is lost. There are some patients who have the guts to say: “Chemo? No thank you!” Many had survived to tell their sweet stories.


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