Colon-Liver Cancer: Golfer

Language : English

When Han was first diagnosed with colon cancer, he opted for conventional medical treatment. But at the same time, he took herbs. When he had liver metastasis, he only take herbs. Today, he is fine and is still an avid golfer. In Part 4, he tells of his vacation in Kerabi.

Part 1: Chemo + Herbs

Han shares his chemotherapy experience. He surprised medical staffs as he did not suffer the side effects that other patients on the same chemo drugs did.

Part 2: Lifestyle Changes

Hans relates how he practices a healthy diet, with no meat, refined sugar, oil, refined salt, milk and so called forbidden food.

Part 3: Factors for well-being

As we listen to Han in this video clip, we can learn the factors that had contributed to his well-being today.

Part 4: On Vacation

In this video, Han shares with us the vacation he just had. He is happy leading a normal and quality life.

Part 5: Golfer Visited Us

Han, the Golfer and his family visited us in Penang in December 2010.  We specially prepared nasi kerabu (Kelantan style) for dinner. We’d like to share his visit with you.

Part 6: e-Therapy: A Chat With My Buddy

After the e-therapy, my buddy found the aching muscle after playing golf is gone. He had more energy with good, restful sleep. He commented that his urine in the morning is foul smelling.


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