Leukemia: A Miraculous Healing

Language : Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Part 1

Nur, a 56 year old female from Acheh, Indonesia was diagnosed with AML. Four months ago, Nur was hospitalized for 15 days and received 5 cycles of chemotherapy at a private hospital in Penang. The total cost of the treatment amounted to RM 30,000 and the family had run out of funds. Her husband came to see us as CA Care, Penang.


Part 2

Her husband brought her out of the hospital. The husband said: The doctor prescribes 15 kinds of drugs. I don’t know what to do with them. I prayed that she will survive the flight back to Medan. I cradled her on my lap and prayed: Please don’t let her die in Penang Airport.


Part 3

Hospital Experience: Every other day, I was required to top up the deposit money for her medical expenses. She was in the hospital for 15 days. We spent a total of RM30,000. It came to about RM2,000 a day. But in the hospital, I did not see any hope for her healing at all. She was infected with cough while in the hospital. And the cough never went away during the 15 days stay there. In the hospital, they could not even cure her cough. However, after taking Cough 5 and Cough 6 from CA Care, the cough went away within three days!


Part 4

While she had chemo in the hospital, there was no improvement. She was weak, unable to walk unaided. When on the herbs, there was healing crisis – but I was not afraid. After six weeks on CA Care herbs, her husband returned to report that her health had improved. She could walk 200 metres, talk with others, had no pain, slept well and had good appetite.


Part 5

Four months on CA Care Therapy, her husband returned a second time on 7 December, 2009 to report that her health had further improved. She still experiences the side effects of chemo: numbness of fingers, toes and joint pains. Chris advised him that his wife is not cured yet. He warned: Do not be complacent. Cancer can recur. Thank God for this healing.


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