Liver CA: Two Months To Live, Yet Fine After One and Half Years

Language : Hokkien

Part 1

A chest X-ray on PC, 63-year-old female showed pleural effusion. An ultrasonography showed a 2.6 cm lesion, suggestive of liver cancer. There was underlying liver cirrhosis with portal hypertension and ascites. Her spleen was enlarged. Her platelet was low and the tumour site was too deep and adjacent to the portal vein. She was asked to go home without any treatment, and was told she had only two months to live. On her first visit to CA Care, she presented with the following: difficulty in sleeping, poor appetite, tiredness, a bit of difficulty in breathing and a feeling of muscle pull in the chest once a while.


Part 2

After one and half years, PC was fine without complaints. Her blood test did not show deterioration of her condition although some numbers are not good.



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