LungCA Stage 4: Better After Herbs

Language : English

Part 1

Stage 4 lung cancer patient experienced breathing difficulties, heart enlarged, nodular opacities, pleural effusions and lymphadenopathy. After taking herbs for 1 week, his health improved significantly.


Part 2

Mat’s health improved further after three weeks on the herbs. He said after drinking the Insomnia tea, he could sleep better and longer. His mind was more relaxed. Before this he was taking the sleeping pills prescribed by the doctor. He said the Insomnia Tea was much better than the sleeping pill. His bowel movements improved and he looked healthier too. Before coming to see us, Mat spent two weeks in two hospitals and this cost him RM 20,000. Later, he was told to go for chemo but he refused. Our advice to Mat: Don’t worry, relax. Learn to be grateful for the blessings he experienced so far! He was only weeks on the herbs. Don’t ask for too much.


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