Nose Lymphoma Disappeared: No Surgery, No Chemo, No Radiation

Language : Cantonese / English

Part 1

In 2007, he experienced blocked nose. In 2008, there was blood-stained phlegm. He had difficulty in breathing. CT scan showed soft tissue lesion in left nasal cavity. Biopsy: left nasal mass, T-cell lymphoma. Doctor suggested 30X radiation and 6X chemotherapy. Otherwise he would suffer nose blockage, impaired vision and going deaf.


Part 2

Despite doctor’s warning, he declined medical treatment and opted for CA Care Therapy. In April 2008, he started taking herbs from CA Care and followed a healthy lifestyle. 3 months down the road, he is 90% better.


Part 3

After 5 months on CA Care Therapy, patient went back to doctor who diagnosed his cancer. The ENT doctor did a scope and the result: clean; no more tumour.


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