Prostate Cancer, PSA = 68.1

Language : English

Category : Prostate / Prostat

A 59-year-old had elevated PSA, 68.1. He was subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor prescribed him Zoladex injection (once in 3 months) and Casodex (1 tablet daily) instead of asking him to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. At the same time he came to CA Care and was started on herbs: Capsule A, deTox tea and Prostate A Tea. After 3 months, his PSA dropped to 0.3. But this came with a price — side effects of the hormones.

Part 1: The Diagnosis and Treatment – Hormones and Herbs.

Part 2: Words of Encouragement: Our advice and words of encouragement …

Part 3: Hormones for Prostate  Side Effects: Prostate cancer patient relates his experience while on hormone therapy.


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