Breast Cancer Part 1: Journey to Disaster

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LP is a 34-year-old mother of two. During her second pregnancy, she felt a lump in her left breast which she ignored. She gave birth and breast-fed her baby for a month. Her left breast produced little milk. Her doctor prescribed some antibiotics. Her lump became more prominent and her gynecologist suggested removal of her lump.

A excision biopsy revealed features of an invasive ductal carcinoma. Lymphatic invasion was noted. A mastectomy was recommended by LP refused. After some medical intervention, she went for chemotherapy and radiation even though there was no evidence to suggest any metastasis.

On 29 December 2010, a solitary liver metastasis was noted. She was asked to go for surgery, but she refused.


Breast Cancer Part 2: Asking Hard Questions

Oncologists tell patients that after surgery, chemo is necessary to “mop up” all the remaining bad cells left. Lp was given 5-FU, epirubicin, cyclophosmamide, Taxol and Heceptin. If the cancer cells were already in the liver before the chemo, then these expensive drugs did not do what they were expected to do. If they were not there in the first place, could the chemo treatment be cause of the metastasis?


Breast Cancer Part 3: Seeking Alternative Therapies

CA Care was started in 1995. Most patients who came to seed our help were medically written off or were in similar situation like LP, where medical treatments had failed them.



Uncle Died After Chemo

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Her mother is already 75 years old. Her uncle (mother’s brother) had lung cancer. He was then only 68 years old. He went for chemotherapy. After the first chemo, he was very weak. After the second chemo, he became unconscious and died.

Niece Died After Chemotherapy

Language: Hokkien

“The daughter of my younger sister had cancer. She had an operation followed by chemotherapy. She died. My sister pleaded with me not to go for chemotherapy when I was diagnosed with lymphoma and asked to go for chemotherapy. She said if I go, I will also die!. My husband and children also told me not to go for chemo. I also do not want to go for chemo.”

I Saw and I Knew that Chemotherapy Did Not Cure Cancer

Language: Hokkien

Guat had seen many people with cancer. After chemo they died within two years. They suffered and at the end, they died. She made her decisions based on her observations of what happened to others. She said, “If I go for chemo, there is no guarantee of a cure. If I die within two years without chemotherapy, at least I do not suffer. I’d rather choose two years of quality life.”

My Friend Died After Four Cycles of Chemo

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

This young man from Indonesia refused chemotherapy because of the adverse side effects. On of his friends had colon cancer, and another had breast cancer. Both of them underwent surgery and followed up with chemotherapy. The girl with breast cancer died after four cycles of chemo without completing the full treatment. The one with colon cancer gave up after two cycles and is still alive today.

Thyroid Cancer & Side Efffects of Hysterectomy

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

After three days of herbs, she said she had never felt so good.
Tiya is a 42-year-old female. In November 2008 she underwent a hysterectomy. Since the surgery her health was never the same again. In January 2011, a scan showed an enlarged right lobe thyroid (44Xs7X30X27 mm). She underwent a thyroidectomy. Her problem was diagnosed as papillary carcinoma. Tiya came to seek our help after her thyroid surgery. She presented with insomnia, lethargy and light-headed, feeling of being unwell throughout the day and not wanting to go anywhere, dizziness and nausea, abdominal gas and shortness of breath when talking and walking. These problems came on after her hysterectomy three years ago. After three days on the herbs, her problems vanished.

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Kidney Pain and Disharmonies of Lung, Liver and Kidney Meridians Resolved After e-Therapy and Herbs

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TS is a 53-year-old male from Singapore. He had been having severe back pain since the past three years, but did not go for any medical treatment. A CT scan indicated a 4.1 X 3.3 X 2.9 cm well-circumscribed rounded solid -appearing mass at the inferior pole of his left kidney. He refused surgery. After five days on the herbs and two sessions of the e-Therapy, all his symptoms were resolved.