Breast Cancer Part 1: Journey to Disaster

Language: English

LP is a 34-year-old mother of two. During her second pregnancy, she felt a lump in her left breast which she ignored. She gave birth and breast-fed her baby for a month. Her left breast produced little milk. Her doctor prescribed some antibiotics. Her lump became more prominent and her gynecologist suggested removal of her lump.

A excision biopsy revealed features of an invasive ductal carcinoma. Lymphatic invasion was noted. A mastectomy was recommended by LP refused. After some medical intervention, she went for chemotherapy and radiation even though there was no evidence to suggest any metastasis.

On 29 December 2010, a solitary liver metastasis was noted. She was asked to go for surgery, but she refused.


Breast Cancer Part 2: Asking Hard Questions

Oncologists tell patients that after surgery, chemo is necessary to “mop up” all the remaining bad cells left. Lp was given 5-FU, epirubicin, cyclophosmamide, Taxol and Heceptin. If the cancer cells were already in the liver before the chemo, then these expensive drugs did not do what they were expected to do. If they were not there in the first place, could the chemo treatment be cause of the metastasis?


Breast Cancer Part 3: Seeking Alternative Therapies

CA Care was started in 1995. Most patients who came to seed our help were medically written off or were in similar situation like LP, where medical treatments had failed them.



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