Pancreatic Cancer: No Cure After Surgery, Gemzar and TCM herbs

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Her problem started with jaundice. Histology showed pancreatic ductal carcinoma with lymph node metastasis. She underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy that cost S$2,500 per cycle. Before chemo, the oncologist told her she had a high chance of cure. Her CA 19.9 dropped to 100 plus. But after the last chemo, her CA 19.9 started rising to 224. Oncologist: “Something has gone wrong.”

A CT scan showed several tiny pulmonary nodules in both lungs. The oncologist said she must do more chemo, but there was no guarantee. Patient refused. She was on TCM herbs while doing her chemo. And continued until she came to see us. Her CA 19.9 is now 66,000.


Breast Lump: Different Surgeons, Different Approaches & Differennt Cost of Surgery

Language: Bahasa  Indonesia / Malaysia

CR, a 73-year-old lady from Indonesia felt a lump in her left breast some time in June 2011. In August 2011, she came to a private hospital A for consultation. She was told she had a 3 cm mass in her breast. She was advised to do a biopsy to determine if it was a cancer.

That afternoon, CR and her two daughters came to CA Care. We could not say much as the doctor doctor did not give them anything apart from saying that she has a mass in her breast. We could see they were at a loss as what to do next. We made a few suggestions as what they could do.

Cough and Palpitation Resolved After Herbs and e-Therapy

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Pat complained of coughs, palpitation, discomfort and uneasiness inside her. She experienced flatulence and bloated feeling. Pat was prescribed Cough No.5 for her cough with white phlegm. Her cough went away after a few days. She underwent detoxification with e-Therapy and took herbal tea to normalize her dis-harmonized liver meridian. Within a week, there was no more heart palpitation.

Chemotherapy: Chemo for Colon Cancer – Benefit Only Three percent

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DL, a 47 year-old-male felt uncomfortable feelings in his stomach. He went to see a GP who diagnosed it as food poisoning. When his problems persisted, a CT scan confirmed thickening in the colorectal region. A biopsy confirmed Stage 2 cancer. The oncologist offered DL 30 cycles of .chemotherapy. He said: With chemotherapy, the chances of recurrence would be 17 percent, without chemoherapy the chance of recurrence would be 20%”.

Chemotherapy: Alimta & Avastin Nearly Killed Me

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Avastin belongs to the group of chemo-agents called the “Smart Bomb” or targeted drug. It is expensive and come with scary side effects. It is used with conventional chemo-drug for metastatic colorectal, non-small cell lung cancer, metastatic kidney cancer and glioblastoma (brain cancer).

Alimta is used in combination with conventional chemo-drug for the treatment of non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer and malignant pleural mesothelioma. It is not indicated for squamous cell lung cancer. Alimta comes with many side-effects.