Miracle Can Happen Part 1a: Healing Process

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Anne came back to CA Care the third time. We learnt even more from her during her visit this time. Let us listen to Anne.


Miracles Can Happen Part 1b: Healing Process


Miracle Can Happen Part 2: What Doctors Say

Anne: When I told my oncologist that I am taking herbs, he was not angry. He looked at all the herbs and took a long time to study Capsule A. He did not object to my taking herbs. Then he said, “If all these herbs made you well, go ahead and take them.”


Miracles Can Happen Part 3: Spirituality & Emotions

“God spoke to me.” A friend in church came to me and said, “You must be patient. Healing is a process and it comes one step at a time and it takes time. . . . trust in God . . . . .” The same message came to me again the next morning.


Miracle Can Happen Part 4: Real Healing or Placebo

Documentation. Let us study the results.


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