Utero-Ovary-Lung Cancer: Part 1 – She Almost Died … After Chemo

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Malaysia

RJ was a tennis champion. She is 55 years old.In April 2010, a tumor (8cm) was found in her uterus. She underwent a total hysterectomy. Cancer was not mentioned.
3 months later, RJ was asked to do a CT scab and a PET scan. She was told she had cancer and was advised to go for chemotherapy. She refused. Instead, she went to Singapore. A PET scan indicated metastasis to her lungs. Her family were told that with chemotherapy, she had a 40% chance of cure. She underwent a total of about 20 cycles of chemotherapy (Gemzar & Docetaxel, Doxorubicin and Avastin) over a period of one and half years.
After this, the doctor told her that her lungs were clear of cancer. In spite of that, she was told to take an oral chemo drug, Iressa for 3 months. She suffered itchiness throughout her body. She was told to stop taking Iressa as this was an effect from Iressa.

A scan in September 2011 showed nodules in both lungs. The largest mass being about 7.2 X 5.8 cm. RJ went for more chemotherapy as advised by her doctor. Two days after her return from Singapore, she started to cough and had fevers.
Her condition deteriorated and she became breathless. Despite oxygen being given, she was breathing like a fish out of water, gasping for air. Her eyes rolled upwards and was unable to recognize people around her.


Part 2 – Hope After Herbs: Three Days of Herbs While in Hospital

Indeed, it was a great surprise on the morning of 20 December 2011 when RJ, accompanied by her doctor friend and family members came to CA Care, Penang. RJ was discharged from the hospital the day before and this morning, they flew to Penang. Listen to this miraculous story yourself.


Part 3 -A Miracle Happened: An Interview with Her Daughter and Her Brother


Part 4 – Health Improved with e-Thearpy

On 20 December 2011, RJ was not able to urinate. Her bladder felt full and distended. After the first deTox programme on e-Therapy, she felt better. Her fingers are not tight any more. She can now move her feet – previous to this, she was not able to do so. She can even stand by herself. On 21 December, 2011 she reported that her urination problem was resolved. She was able urinate again.


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