Melanoma: Deadly Skin Cancer – Three of Her Fellow Patients Had Died but She is Fine With Herbs

Language: Hokkien

Sometime in 2007, SN a 50-year-old female had a surgery to remove a black mole on her right foot. It was a melanoma – a dangerous and deadly skin disease. She did not do any chemotherapy or radiotherapy. No medication was prescribed.
About a year later, there was a swelling in her right inguinal region. A biopsy confirmed metastatic melanoma. The lump was removed via surgery. She was asked to go for chemotherapy. She declined. There was no further medical treatment. she went for routine check up every 3 – 6 months.
On 23rd March 2009, SN came to seek our help after reading the Chinese newspaper, Kong Ming. She only presented with a swelling leg. She was prescribed some herbs. She visit us once every three to six months to update her progress.
On 16 December 2011, almost 3 years since her first visit, she and her husband shared her experience that many readers ought to know.


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