Lung Liver Cancer: Why Patient Refused to go for Chemotherapy Part 4

Language:  Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Guan is a 58-year-old man from Indonesia. After having coughs for two months, he went to see a doctor. An X-ray was taken. His doctor suspected pneumonia with mass in his lung. Guan then went to a private hospital in Johor for further consultation. A CT scan done on 6 December 2011 indicated cancer in his right lung that had spread to his liver. There was right pleural and pericardial effusion. Guan then went to Singapore where a biopsy was performed. This cost him about S$1,500 but the results were not definitive and rather puzzling. The doctor suggested chemotherapy. He was told that with chemotherapy, he would be able to live for another two years. Without chemotherapy, he would only have six months.


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