NPC: 11 Plus Years on Herbs

Language: English

Dr. Peter Ooi was 51 years old when he was diagnosed with NPC Stage 2 t0 3 in 2000. At that time he was with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) in Bangkok. Later, Peter became the Director of the Asian Regional Centre of the World Vegetable Center, also based in Bangkok.

Part 1 – My Radio-Chemo Experience

Peter “immediately took up the aggressive procedure of both radiation and chemotherapy.? He completed 35 sessions of radiation treatments and at the same time received chemotherapy. He gave up chemotherapy after four cycles – the treatment made him too sick!


Part 2 – An Angel Led Me to CA Care

The main contributing factors that healed him were: change of lifestyle, change of diet and reliance on the herbs.


Part 3 – I Want Healing, Not Cure

Peter was looking for a healing when he realized that when doctor talk about “cure”, it means being alive for five years. His radiologist was strongly against herbs. She said there is no evidence that herbs help. But Peter refuted that no evidence does not mean it does not work.


Part 4 – Lessons From My Cancer

I recognized that something is wrong with my body. Cancer is due to something you have done wrong, eating the wrong food, being in the wrong place, doing something wrong. It’s God telling us to change. We are invincible. We are young and reckless. Wake up to reality. Our body has changed.


Part 5 – My Advice to Cancer Patients

There is a purpose in life. Do not ask God, “why?” but “how can I go through this?”. The patient must know they have an active role to play. They cannot be passive. You must be positive, knowledge generative – what have you got to lose to know more? The more we know, the better we are to tackle our problems. We de-mystify the cancer. Also, quality of life is a perception. Do not let others impose their beliefs on you.


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