Ovarian Cancer: Still Healthy After Seven Years

Language: English

Siti was 48 years old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Stage 4. She underwent a total hysterectomy in 2005 followed by three cycles of chemotherapy. She gave up chemo and took herbs.

Part 1 – She Gave Up Chemotherapy and Turned to Herbs

At first, Siti and her husband did not believe in what we at CA Care are doing. Many times, they were “pushed” by a friend to come and see us. Eventually they relented and came to see us in Penang. From then on, it was no turning back. Siti’s health improved. It has been seven years now and she is doing well.


Part 2 – Initially We Did Not Believe You

Our interview with Siti was done in 2005. She had been taking our herbs for the past five years.


 Part 3 – My Experience With Chemotherapy and Your Herbs

One week of suffering. After I regained my strength, I went for another shot. I couldn’t eat and my body felt very tired. During that time I felt like dying. I could not carry anything and I was drained off my energy. After I recovered, I have to go for another “bang”. The second chemo was worse than the first one. But for the third cycle I was alright – that was after I started to take your herbs.


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