Kidney Cancer: Remove One and a Half Kidney

Language:  Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

SK’s problem started two years ago. He had blood in his urine. This problem disappeared after he took some medicine prescribed by his doctor. In May 2011, there was blood in his urine again. An ultrasound on 27 May 2011 indicated a 67.2 X 64.2 mm mass in his right kidney and a 70.5 X 56.0 mm. With medication, his problem disappeared again.
Mid-November 2011, SK had blood in his urine again. This time he went to Singapore for further consultation. A CT scan on 16 November 2011, indicated a large mass, 6.7 X 8.4 X 7 cm in his left kidney. The right kidney has a nodular mass, 6.6 X 4.9 X 6.4 cm in size. Appearances are highly of bilateral renal neoplasm.
A blood test on 16 November 2011 showed elevated creatinine level (141.0). His alkaline phosphatase at 165 and GGT at 228 were high. A bone scan done on 21 November 2011 indicated mildly increased tracer uptake in the paranasal region, likely due to inflammatory process. There is no conclusive evidence of bony metastases.
Based on the above, the doctor in Singapore said he was 95 per cent sure that SK has kidney cancer. SK was asked to undergo an operation to remove the tumours in both his kidneys. This would involve removing one and a half kidney. There is a 50:50 chance that the remaining one half of the other kidney may not function after the surgery. If this happens, SK would have to be on dialysis.


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