Lymphoma: CHOP-R Almost Chopped Her Off

Language: English

Pat is a 72-year-old lady. Sometime in mid-2010, she was on TB medication for six months. Her legs, abdomen and hands were swollen. A CT scan done on 22 December 2010 showed a 12.1×10.7×5.6 cm mass in the para-aortic region and there were masses involving the left kidney and bilateral adrenal glands. CT chest showed cardiomegaly with mild pericardial effusion. The likely diagnosis is lymphoma.
A biopsy done on 16 February 2011 confirmed diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Pat underwent chemotherapy. The regimen used was CHOP-R, consisting of Cyclephosphamide + Andriamycin + Vincristine + Prenisolone + Rituximab.
The first cycle that Pat received on 24 February 2011 was of low dosage. She received the a full dose during her second cycle. A week later, Pat suffered severe side effects and her husband said, “She as almost ‘chopped off’ by CHOP-R.”
Pat and her family decided to give up further chemotherapy. They came to seek our help on 23 April 2011. She presented with “bad” liver. On 15 February 2012, Pat is doing well now.


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