Brain Tumour: Herbs & e-Therapy Helped Him

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Part 1:  Ron is a 22-year-old male from Indonesia. Two years ago, he felt numbness in his right leg. He did not do anything about it. Then in Jun 2011, he experienced seizure attacks in his right leg. each seizure may last about 20 – 25 minutes. Ron suffered about three seizures per week. And he felt numbness in his right leg every day.

A CT scan showed tumour in his brain. An MRI confirmed the presence of left fronto-parietal lobe tumour with cystic central necrosis. The lesion measure 6 X 6.2 X 6.7 cm in size. There is also involvement in the sensory cortex. Ron was prescribed four drugs Levetiracetam, Phenytoin (both for epilepsy), Dexamethasone (steroid) and Lanzoprazole (for ulcer and reflux to take care of the side effects of the medications). He stopped all these drugs after seeing us in August, 2011. Listen to our conversation.


Part 2:  Ron: When I started to take the herbs, I had no more full blown seizure. Even if a seizure seemed to come, it went off after five minutes. My heart did not beat rapidly like before, anymore.
Father: He still felt numbness in his leg, but the jerking had stopped. After taking the herbs, his health had improved tremendously.


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