Cervical Cancer: Part 1 – Her Problem

Bahasa: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Patient is a 56-year-old from Medan. Somewhere between March-April 2012, she suffered abdominal pains with bleeding. She was nauseous with bloated abdomen. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She came to Penang as she was unable to pass urine. A catheter was installed and she was told the cancer had spread to her bladder.


Cervical Cancer: Part 2 – Healing Crisis


Cervical Cancer: Part 3 – Health Restored After Herbs


Cervical Cancer: Part 4 – Beware the Cancer Can Strike Back



Diduga Kanker Hidung: Saya Menolak Biopsi

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Fit is a 37year-old female from Indonesia. In May 2012, she accompanied her friend for a medical treatment in Penang. While staying in Penang, she consulted a doctor about a swelling in her right collar bone who referred her to an ENT specialist. She was asked to undergo radiotherapy. Fit refused further medical intervention and came to us for help.


Kakak Meninggal Setelah Dioperasi dan Dikema Selama Dua Tahun

Why did Fit refuse further medical intervention? LIsten to her explain how her sister died of breast cancer.

Kanker Kelenjar Liur: Mukjizat Terjadi

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

HB was diagnosed with mucoepidermoid carcinoma in 2008. He underwent a major operation – radical neck resection. The cancer was at the base of his tongue, but already spread to the lymph nodes. All these were removed.
One month after the operation, he went to Singapore General Hospital for a routine check up. All three doctors he saw asked him to go for radiation first before his check up. Without radiation, there is 70% chance of cancer coming back. With radiation, the chances are 50%. He felt scared and hopeless. Scared to undergo radiation, and at the same time scared not to go for radiation. Listen to his story.

Pancreatic Cancer: Part 1 – An Encounter With an Oncologist

Language: English

Being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is devastating enough. And to have your hope dashed is truly the “unkindest cut” of all.


Pancreatic Cancer: Part 2a – The CA Care Therapy


Pancreatic Cancer: Part 2b – Miracles Do Happen at CA Care


Pancreatic Cancer: Part 3 – She found hope in CA Care

NPC: Part 1 – Treatments and Side Effects

Language: English

There are five parts in this post about a  U-turn from death, a nose cancer journey. For Pastor Danny, it started innocently with dengue fever and mumps. Subsequent checkups led to diagnosis of NPC. Listen to Pastor Danny describe his treatment and side effects.


NPC: Part 2 – Darkest Hours of My Life


NPC: Part 3 – Clash of Healing Ways


NPC: Part 4 – The Breakthrough: Cancer in Remission

NPC: Part 5 – Do Not Be Complacent