Tibetan Cultural Show

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A very impressive show using modern technology plus creativity for backdrops. Please enjoy!



Potala Palace, Tibet

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Potala Palace is the highest ancient palace in the world, reaching 3,767m (12,360ft) at the topmost point. “Potala” named after a holy hill in South India is a Sanskrit word. According to legend: In the 7th century, to greet his bride Princess Wen Cheng of the Tang Dynasty (618 BC-907 BC) of China, the then Tibet King Songtsen Gampo built a 9-storey palace with a thousand rooms up on the Red Hill and named it Potala. Later, with the collapse of the Songtsen Gampo Dynasty, the ancient palace was almost destroyed in wars. What we see at present is the architecture of the Qing Dynasty (1644BC-1911BC) and the continuous expanding work since the 17th century.

Jinli Ancient Street

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Jinli Ancient Street is a busy trading street with a history stretching back to the Qin Dynasty around two thousand years ago. Today, a new Jinli Street has been built on the site of the ancient lane in the southern part of Chengdu. It has become a tourist attraction, featuring aged buildings and folk customs from the area combining the ambience of ancient and modern China. Visitors come to relax, admire the traditional-style buildings, buy some curios and taste some local snacks.