Cervical Cancer: Part 1 – Her Problem

Bahasa: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Patient is a 56-year-old from Medan. Somewhere between March-April 2012, she suffered abdominal pains with bleeding. She was nauseous with bloated abdomen. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She came to Penang as she was unable to pass urine. A catheter was installed and she was told the cancer had spread to her bladder.


Cervical Cancer: Part 2 – Healing Crisis


Cervical Cancer: Part 3 – Health Restored After Herbs


Cervical Cancer: Part 4 – Beware the Cancer Can Strike Back



Cervical Cancer: Stage 3B – Health Restored Part 1

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Ai Hoa is a 78 year old lady. In May 2008 she had chocolate-coloured vaginal discharge. She consulted 2 gynaecologists and both told her, “… nothing was wrong …”
Her daughter brought her to Singpaore of further consultation. A PAP smear done on 16 March 2009 indicated high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) / CIN 3. A biopsy indicated microinvasive squamous cell carcinoma.
A PET-CT scan on 23 March 2009 indicated a hypermetabolic FDG cervical mass with diffusely increased uterine avidity which was inseparable from the uterus and the upper part of the vagina.There was metastasis, but no evidence of liver metastases. Blood test showed normal ESR, renal and liver function. Her CEA was 6.9 and CA 125 was 124. An endoscopy showed gastritis. She was tested positive for Helicobacter pylori. A colonoscopy showed numerous small polyps in her rectum. She was given Baraclude for the hepatitis B (being a carrier).
On 25 March 2009, she underwent concurrent chemo-radiation treatment. Her health worsened. Listen to the conversation.


Cervical Cancer: Stage 3B – Health Restored Part 2

Cervical Cancer: Eighty-Nine Percent Chance of Cure Vanished

Language: Hokkien

BH is a 65-year-old lady from Indonesia. In July 2011, she was diagnosed with carcinoma of the cervix. She underwent radiotherapy: 25 sessions of external beam radiation and 3 sessions of internal radiation. She also received 2 cycles of chemotherapy.
All treatments were completed in October 2011. She felt well and believed she was cured. But four months later, a CT scan showed metastatic progression of disease to her lungs. She was asked to go for more treatment: 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 5 sessions of radiotherapy. She declined and sought our help in February 2012. This is her story.

Endometrial Cancer Stage 3B: Only on Herbs

Language:  Hokkien

GS is a 54 year-old lady. A cervical biopsy and endometrial curetting indicated a moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometrium. She underwent a toal abdominal hysterectomy at a private hospital. The pathology report confirmed a well-differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometrium, classical endometroid type Stage 3B, tumour invades into the cervical stroma. She was asked to go for radiotherapy, but she refused. She also declined chemotherapy that was suggested.
GS came to seek our help on 9 April, 2008. Until today, she is fine and live a normal life. She had been taking the herbs religiously, besides taking care of her diet. In April, 2012, GS would have been on the herbs for FOUR years.

Cervical Cancer: Stage 2A – Survived Five Years With Herbs Only after Refusing Radiotherapy

Language: Hokkien

GK was a 70-year-old lady. In May 2000 she had vaginal bleeding. Medical examination showed a large cauliflower growth involving the anterior lip of the cervix and also the vault at the vagina. A biopsy confirmed carcinoma of the cervix, Stage 2A. GK was asked to go for radiotherapy. She declined. She changed her diet and sought our help on 10 August 2001.

Comparing CA Care Therapy with Chemotherapy

Language : Hokkien / English Subtitles

Heng was doing well on herbs. But a spot in her lung made her go back to chemotherapy. Compare what Heng was like when she was on herbs and when she had her last tango with chemotherapy.

Heng on Herbs

A glimpse of  Heng doing so cheerful and  well while on herbs only.

Last Tango With Chemotherapy

Heng died on the morning of 16 December 2001. This ended her four-year battle with cancer.

Metastatic Liver Cancer: Lisa Tells Her Story

Language : Hokkien / English Subtitles

Lisa recounted her ordeal on chemotherapy. Luckily with CA Care herbs, she bounced back to life.

Chemo Effect: Melissa

Recollection on effects of chemotherapy suffered by patient.


Herbs Effect after Chemo: Melissa

She could not continue with her chemotherapy anymore. She was so weak could not walk to the front of her own house. She took herbs and bounced back to life.