Breast and Lung Cancer: Three Sisters with Cancer – One Died Two Alive

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Henry has four sisters. Sister No.1 was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2010. She was the thrid member of the family to have cancer. Sister No.3 had breast cancer about ten years ago. She was the first member of the family to have cancer. She underwent mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and died within a year. Then Sister No.4 was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2004. She was the second member in the family with cancer. Both sisters who cancer after the first sister died are still alive. They took a different path in their treatment and healing.


Part 1: Drugs did not cure me. Let me die

Language: English

There are 3 parts to this story. It is about a search for another option for cancer treatment after 7X of chemotherapy had failed. Doctors had given up.


Part 2: Her Last Option

My prayer before I slept: “If she has to die, let her die in peace. If she lives, then let her live.”


Part 3: CA Care Therapy Helped, But She Died

After 6 days on herbs, (without any medication) she was better. She passed a lot of stools that have “nice” shape. She used to be constipated, then have diarrhea. She appeared more fresh and has more energy. She slept like a baby for 3 hours. She experienced less pain. Though the body is tired, her mind was clear and fresh.



Diduga Kanker Hidung: Saya Menolak Biopsi

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Fit is a 37year-old female from Indonesia. In May 2012, she accompanied her friend for a medical treatment in Penang. While staying in Penang, she consulted a doctor about a swelling in her right collar bone who referred her to an ENT specialist. She was asked to undergo radiotherapy. Fit refused further medical intervention and came to us for help.


Kakak Meninggal Setelah Dioperasi dan Dikema Selama Dua Tahun

Why did Fit refuse further medical intervention? LIsten to her explain how her sister died of breast cancer.

Cervical Cancer: Stage 3B – Health Restored Part 1

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Ai Hoa is a 78 year old lady. In May 2008 she had chocolate-coloured vaginal discharge. She consulted 2 gynaecologists and both told her, “… nothing was wrong …”
Her daughter brought her to Singpaore of further consultation. A PAP smear done on 16 March 2009 indicated high grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (HSIL) / CIN 3. A biopsy indicated microinvasive squamous cell carcinoma.
A PET-CT scan on 23 March 2009 indicated a hypermetabolic FDG cervical mass with diffusely increased uterine avidity which was inseparable from the uterus and the upper part of the vagina.There was metastasis, but no evidence of liver metastases. Blood test showed normal ESR, renal and liver function. Her CEA was 6.9 and CA 125 was 124. An endoscopy showed gastritis. She was tested positive for Helicobacter pylori. A colonoscopy showed numerous small polyps in her rectum. She was given Baraclude for the hepatitis B (being a carrier).
On 25 March 2009, she underwent concurrent chemo-radiation treatment. Her health worsened. Listen to the conversation.


Cervical Cancer: Stage 3B – Health Restored Part 2

Cervical Cancer: Eighty-Nine Percent Chance of Cure Vanished

Language: Hokkien

BH is a 65-year-old lady from Indonesia. In July 2011, she was diagnosed with carcinoma of the cervix. She underwent radiotherapy: 25 sessions of external beam radiation and 3 sessions of internal radiation. She also received 2 cycles of chemotherapy.
All treatments were completed in October 2011. She felt well and believed she was cured. But four months later, a CT scan showed metastatic progression of disease to her lungs. She was asked to go for more treatment: 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 5 sessions of radiotherapy. She declined and sought our help in February 2012. This is her story.

Lymphoma: CHOP-R Almost Chopped Her Off

Language: English

Pat is a 72-year-old lady. Sometime in mid-2010, she was on TB medication for six months. Her legs, abdomen and hands were swollen. A CT scan done on 22 December 2010 showed a 12.1×10.7×5.6 cm mass in the para-aortic region and there were masses involving the left kidney and bilateral adrenal glands. CT chest showed cardiomegaly with mild pericardial effusion. The likely diagnosis is lymphoma.
A biopsy done on 16 February 2011 confirmed diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Pat underwent chemotherapy. The regimen used was CHOP-R, consisting of Cyclephosphamide + Andriamycin + Vincristine + Prenisolone + Rituximab.
The first cycle that Pat received on 24 February 2011 was of low dosage. She received the a full dose during her second cycle. A week later, Pat suffered severe side effects and her husband said, “She as almost ‘chopped off’ by CHOP-R.”
Pat and her family decided to give up further chemotherapy. They came to seek our help on 23 April 2011. She presented with “bad” liver. On 15 February 2012, Pat is doing well now.

Ovarian Cancer: Still Healthy After Seven Years

Language: English

Siti was 48 years old when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer Stage 4. She underwent a total hysterectomy in 2005 followed by three cycles of chemotherapy. She gave up chemo and took herbs.

Part 1 – She Gave Up Chemotherapy and Turned to Herbs

At first, Siti and her husband did not believe in what we at CA Care are doing. Many times, they were “pushed” by a friend to come and see us. Eventually they relented and came to see us in Penang. From then on, it was no turning back. Siti’s health improved. It has been seven years now and she is doing well.


Part 2 – Initially We Did Not Believe You

Our interview with Siti was done in 2005. She had been taking our herbs for the past five years.


 Part 3 – My Experience With Chemotherapy and Your Herbs

One week of suffering. After I regained my strength, I went for another shot. I couldn’t eat and my body felt very tired. During that time I felt like dying. I could not carry anything and I was drained off my energy. After I recovered, I have to go for another “bang”. The second chemo was worse than the first one. But for the third cycle I was alright – that was after I started to take your herbs.