Colon-Liver Cancer: Strong Faith in God Part 1

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Colon-Liver Cancer: Strong Faith in God Part 2



Colon-Lung Cancer: Surgery & Chemo Did Not Cure Her

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Malaysia

Sar is a 63-year-old lady diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer in 2008. Her daughters decided to bring their mom to Singapore to get the best possible treatment. She had surgery followed by radiotherapy, but no chemotherapy. In June 2009, her cancer had spread to her lungs. She went for chemotherapy, but in less than a year, her cancer progressed further. She had more chemotherapy and her cancer continued to progress. It was meaningless.

Colon Cacer: Surgery But No Chemotherapy

Language: Hokkien

HM was 72 years old in 2005 when she was diagnosed with colon cancer, Duke B, T4NoMx. After her surgery, her son sought our help. She took herbs and did not go for chemotherapy. Today, 28 October 2011, she is well and living a normal life. Her son said she is still taking the herbs.

Chemotherapy: Chemo for Colon Cancer – Benefit Only Three percent

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DL, a 47 year-old-male felt uncomfortable feelings in his stomach. He went to see a GP who diagnosed it as food poisoning. When his problems persisted, a CT scan confirmed thickening in the colorectal region. A biopsy confirmed Stage 2 cancer. The oncologist offered DL 30 cycles of .chemotherapy. He said: With chemotherapy, the chances of recurrence would be 17 percent, without chemoherapy the chance of recurrence would be 20%”.

My Friend Died After Four Cycles of Chemo

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

This young man from Indonesia refused chemotherapy because of the adverse side effects. On of his friends had colon cancer, and another had breast cancer. Both of them underwent surgery and followed up with chemotherapy. The girl with breast cancer died after four cycles of chemo without completing the full treatment. The one with colon cancer gave up after two cycles and is still alive today.

Chemotherapy: Sister Died After Chemo for Colon Cancer

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A 40-year-old Malaysian man was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer in 2007. He opted for for oral drug, Xeloda. He took a total of eight cycles and suffered various side effects. He was asked to undergo i/v chemotherapy, but refused. He came to seek our help on 3 April 2011. He said, “My sister had the same case – colon cancer. She did chemo and the cancer spread to her liver. After a few months, she died.”