Prostate Cancer: 1 Story of A Man With Prostate Cancer

Bahasa: Chinese (Cantonese)/ English

CN (H878) is a 61-year-old male. He suffered urine blockage for the past four to five years. With Xatral (medication for trating symptoms of enlarged prostate), his problem was resolved. When he suffered severe back pain, further tests showed metastatic carcinoma consistent with a primary from the prostate. His PSA was at 1018. Lucrn injection plus oral Casodex, his PSA level dropped from 991 to 0.2 in six months. However, after six months, the PSA started to rise from 0.2 – 25.1. CN was asked to go for chemotherapy. He declined and came to CA Care for help. He presented with the following: unable to sleep, had backache, no strength and had difficulty bending forward, difficulty moving left arm, suffered bot flushes and felt “internal heat”.


Prostate Cancer: 2 CRASH!

When all is well, health began to deteriorate – with severe pains and difficulty in walking. Why?


Prostate Cancer: 3 Walking Difficulties Resolved after e-Therapy and Herbs




Liver Cancer: Better to Become a Full-stomach Ghost

Language: English

This is about the story of a liver cancer man. When he was diagnosed with liver cancer, there was nothing doctors in Singapore and Chine could do for him. Doctors estimated that he could live 3-6 months. On 18 May, 2007 he came to CA Care Penang and sought our help. He took CA Care herbs regularly but did not comply to our healthy diet. He lived another one and a half years before he passed away peacefully. According to his son,the herbs helped to stabilize his condition. He did not suffer any pain and was active like normal people.

Lung Cancer: Bad Food and Pain After CNY Part 1

Language : Hokkien

Category : Diet / Makanan

Sujo, a 58-year-old male suffered breathlessness when climbing the stairs. A CT scan indicated pleural effusion associated with lung collapse, a lytic lesion at T4 vetebra was associated with erosion and his liver showed fatty infiltration. Two litres of fluid were tapped out of his lung.
Sujo came to seek our help. He took CA Care herbs and came back to see us twice to report that his health had improved. However, on the eve of the CNY (2011), he suffered severe pain. Listen to his story.

Minyak Kelapa dan Garam Kampung

Language : Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Minyak kelapa paling baik dibuat sendiri. Hindarilah minyak sayuran, jagung, kacang, biji bunga matahari dsb yang mengandungi “polyunsaturated fatty acid”. Garam kampung ialah garam laut yang asli. Diperbuat dari air laut tanpa apa proses kecuali penyejatan air sehingga dapat garamnya.