Breast and Lung Cancer: Three Sisters with Cancer – One Died Two Alive

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Henry has four sisters. Sister No.1 was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2010. She was the thrid member of the family to have cancer. Sister No.3 had breast cancer about ten years ago. She was the first member of the family to have cancer. She underwent mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and died within a year. Then Sister No.4 was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2004. She was the second member in the family with cancer. Both sisters who cancer after the first sister died are still alive. They took a different path in their treatment and healing.


Lung Cancer: Part 1 – An Outstanding Survivor

Language: Hokkien 

Sunday night, 18 November 2012 was a special night for us at CA Care Penang. Sujo, his wife and daughter came for a visit! We never thought we would see this patient again. The last time we saw him was in February 2011. Almost 2 years! We praise God for his blessings.
Briefly, Sujo was 58 years old when he came to see us. He is from Indonesia. Sometime in August 2010, he experienced breathlessness when climbing stairs. A CT scan in October 2010 indicated gross left pleural effusion associated with lung collapse. There was a lesion at T4 vertebral body associated with erosion. This means the cancer had spread to his bones.
The doctor taped out 2 litres of fluid from his lung. He was asked to go for chemotherapy, but he finally decided not to go ahead with the treatment. Instead, he came to CA Care.


Part 2 – Experience with Iressa & Tarceva While on CA Care Therapy

After encountering disaster after disaster, Sujo had no choice but to turn to the “cancer doctor” in his home town for help. Initially he was prescribed Iressa, which he took for 10 days and gave up due to the side effects. He then moved on to Tarceva.


Part 3 – Side Effects of Medical Treatment

In this video, you hear about (1) the side effects of surgery and (2) the side effects of Tarceva experienced by Sujo.


Part 4 – Can e-Therapy Help Him?

In general, when patients come and see us, they face two problems. One, they suffer the side effects of medical treatments (Part 3). We are expected to solve these problems for them. Two, we also have to take care of their cancer – by right our main concern. While the management of cancer takes place at home, we actively “work” with patients on their pain and physical issues.

Chemotherapy: Meaningless Shrinking of Tumour by Chemo

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YHC is 68 years old. In November 2011, he had a swelling in his right collar bone region. A biopsy was done and the doctor suspected it was cancer. A second opinion confirmed cancer. YHC underwent chemotherapy for lymphoma. Results after chemotherapy on 5 March 2012 was encouraging. But by 28 March 2012 the tumour increased in size! A right pleural effusion was also noted. YHC is now said to have “bronchogenic carcinoma with mediastinal lymph nodes”. His lungs is actually getting worse after chemotherapy.

Lung Cancer: Why Do a Biopsy When You Do Not Want Chemotherapy?

Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

SK is a 39-year-old lady from Indonesia. On 11 November 2011 she came to a private hospital in Penang for a general wellness check-up. She was given a clean bill of health. She went home to Jakarta feeling satisfied and happy. However, three months later SK developed fevers and breathing difficulties. There was fluid in her lungs. Pleural tapping was done – four litres of fluid was tapped out. The doctor suggested a biopsy followed by chemotherapy. She refused and came to Kuala Lumpur for a second opinion. Here, pleural tapping, biopsy and a CT scan was done. Again she refused chemotherapy.

Lung Cancer: On Herbs For Three and Half Years – No Chemo

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SC was 68 years old when her problems began. She is a non-smoker. She started to have coughs for six months. There was no symptom apart from the pain on her right shoulder. On investigation, she was diagnosed with early stage lung cancer, Stage 1B. Surgery was done on 29 September 2008, but it was aborted – an open and close case. The cancer had spread to the back of the chest wall and considered a Stage 4.
Her doctor suggested chemotherapy and said without this treatment she would have only six months to live. SC declined. Her sister died one year after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy for her breast cancer.
SC sought our help and started taking herbs in October 2008. She is well today, except for her pain. The latest e-mail from her daughter is on 7 February 2012.

Lung Cancer: More Than Two Years On Herbs

Language: Hokkien

NH is a 83-year-old lady. Sometime in April 2009, she had coughs with white phlegm. She was given cough mixture to take. The problem was not resolved. On 19 October 2009, she went to a private hospital for further management. After a CT scan, she was given a week of antibiotics. This was not effective. Subsequently, the family was told that she had lung cancer. Due to her advanced age, neither the doctor nor the family were interested in any follow-up treatment. NH and her family came to seek our help on 23 October 2009. We never get to see NH although we noted that her son came to collect her herbs regularly. On 20 January 2012, i.e. 2 years and 3 months later – NH came to our centre with her son.

Lung Liver Cancer: Why Patient Refused to go for Chemotherapy Part 4

Language:  Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Guan is a 58-year-old man from Indonesia. After having coughs for two months, he went to see a doctor. An X-ray was taken. His doctor suspected pneumonia with mass in his lung. Guan then went to a private hospital in Johor for further consultation. A CT scan done on 6 December 2011 indicated cancer in his right lung that had spread to his liver. There was right pleural and pericardial effusion. Guan then went to Singapore where a biopsy was performed. This cost him about S$1,500 but the results were not definitive and rather puzzling. The doctor suggested chemotherapy. He was told that with chemotherapy, he would be able to live for another two years. Without chemotherapy, he would only have six months.