Lymphoma: CHOP-R Almost Chopped Her Off

Language: English

Pat is a 72-year-old lady. Sometime in mid-2010, she was on TB medication for six months. Her legs, abdomen and hands were swollen. A CT scan done on 22 December 2010 showed a 12.1×10.7×5.6 cm mass in the para-aortic region and there were masses involving the left kidney and bilateral adrenal glands. CT chest showed cardiomegaly with mild pericardial effusion. The likely diagnosis is lymphoma.
A biopsy done on 16 February 2011 confirmed diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Pat underwent chemotherapy. The regimen used was CHOP-R, consisting of Cyclephosphamide + Andriamycin + Vincristine + Prenisolone + Rituximab.
The first cycle that Pat received on 24 February 2011 was of low dosage. She received the a full dose during her second cycle. A week later, Pat suffered severe side effects and her husband said, “She as almost ‘chopped off’ by CHOP-R.”
Pat and her family decided to give up further chemotherapy. They came to seek our help on 23 April 2011. She presented with “bad” liver. On 15 February 2012, Pat is doing well now.


Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: Life Restored After Herbs

Language: Hokkien

Eng is a 65-year-old male. In 2007 he underwent an angioplasty procedure. Sometime in July 2009, he suffered from indigestion and nausea. Then in August 2008, he vomited blood. He was admitted into a government hospital. A biopsy done on 23 October 2009 indicated large cell, B-cell type gastric non-Hodgkin;s Lymphoma of intermediate grade.

He underwent chemotherapy with modified CHOP. Despite the lower dosage given, he suffered many side effects after only one cycle of chemotherapy: nausea, vomiting, fevers, slow heartbeat, hardening of lung, stroke, uncontrolled hypertension. Life was difficult for Eng. He had no strength and was unable to urinate. He was scheduled for radiotherapy. He refused. Eng’s daughter came to seek our help on 17 January, 2010.

Lymphoma: Life was Miserable After Failed Chemo but Herbs and eThreapy Revived Her

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Sometime in early 2011, MN felt lethrargic. Her stomach was painful. She had profuse sweating. She had been coughing for the last one year. In may 2011, MN was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She had six cycles of chemotherapy with CHOP. After completion of her chemo, the cancer recurred at her left collar bone. She was asked to go for another round of chemotherapy. She refused. She came to Penang to seek for alternative treatment.

Miracle Can Happen Part 1a: Healing Process

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Anne came back to CA Care the third time. We learnt even more from her during her visit this time. Let us listen to Anne.


Miracles Can Happen Part 1b: Healing Process


Miracle Can Happen Part 2: What Doctors Say

Anne: When I told my oncologist that I am taking herbs, he was not angry. He looked at all the herbs and took a long time to study Capsule A. He did not object to my taking herbs. Then he said, “If all these herbs made you well, go ahead and take them.”


Miracles Can Happen Part 3: Spirituality & Emotions

“God spoke to me.” A friend in church came to me and said, “You must be patient. Healing is a process and it comes one step at a time and it takes time. . . . trust in God . . . . .” The same message came to me again the next morning.


Miracle Can Happen Part 4: Real Healing or Placebo

Documentation. Let us study the results.

What It Takes To Be a Winner

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Anne from Indonesia was diagnosed with lymphoma and underwent 8 cycles of chemotherapy. She suffered severe side effects. The treatment left her much worse off. 5 months after, the cancer recurred. There was a 2x2x3 cm mass in her left cheek and a swelling in her left neck. Her doctor asked her to go for chemo and radiotherapy. She refused.

She came to CA Care for herbs and changed her diet. After 2 months, Anne came back to Penang – her health had improved tremendously. We put Ann on the e-Therapy and her health and well being improved further.

Lymphoma Part1: Chemo Did Not Cure Her

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Anne, 52-years old, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. An ultrasound in December 2009 showed a swollen spleen. Swelling of lymph nodes at the paraaorta, both parailiac and suprapubic. Blood tests showed elevated leucocyte, elevated lymphocyte and low platelet count. CA 125 was at 221.18. A CT scan showed swelling of the spleen, diffusely enlarged rectroperitoneal and mesenterial lymph nodes. Suspicious of malignant bowel lymphoma. A biopsy was done. Histopathology report confirmed a chronic lymphadenitis with focus follicular lymphoma. Here she relates her experiences of her chemotherapy.

Part 1: Chemotherapy Did Not Cure Her


Part 2: Two Months on Herbs

Anne came to see us on 29 April 2011. She benefited while on the herbs for 2 months. Here’s her story in her own words.


Part 3: Health Much Better After e-Therapy

During her second visit, Anne underwent a week of eTherapy in addition to taking the herbs. Her healing improved further. Listen to her.

Lymphoma: Mother Died After 5 Chemotherapy

Language:  Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

His mother was 55 years old when she was diagnosed with lymphoma. She received five cycles of chemotherapy. After the fifth cycle of chemotherapy, her condition deteriorated. She had pains in her liver – the latent Hepatitis B virus flared up. Before the chemo treatment, she was fine – normal. She died while in the ICU in the hospital after spending RM55,000.