Kidney Cancer: Part 1 – Die of Cancer But Don’t Die A Bankrupt

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

It is bad enough to be diagnosed with metastatic kidney cancer. The situation gets more grim when you are told that there would be no cure. And you are told to take a drug that cost 100 million rupiah a month that may prolong your life from 2 months to 2 years (at most). The doctor scold you for not wanting to take the medication “because the more you wait, the more the cancer will spread and spread. You will not have any more hope”.
To offer a solution whereby the drug cost so much money is not solution to a normal wage earner. It is bad enough to get cancer but it would be even worse to make him a bankrupt while he is still alive – and perhaps leave a pile of debt that requires even his grandchildren to repay. Even if he live for an extra two years. What good is that?
On top of that, prolonging life comes with another price – severe side-effects.
So, is it really worth it?


Kidney Cancer: Part 2 – Expensive Drug That Does Not Cure



Breast and Lung Cancer: Three Sisters with Cancer – One Died Two Alive

Language: English

Henry has four sisters. Sister No.1 was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 2010. She was the thrid member of the family to have cancer. Sister No.3 had breast cancer about ten years ago. She was the first member of the family to have cancer. She underwent mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and died within a year. Then Sister No.4 was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2004. She was the second member in the family with cancer. Both sisters who cancer after the first sister died are still alive. They took a different path in their treatment and healing.

Lung Cancer: Part 1 – An Outstanding Survivor

Language: HokkienĀ 

Sunday night, 18 November 2012 was a special night for us at CA Care Penang. Sujo, his wife and daughter came for a visit! We never thought we would see this patient again. The last time we saw him was in February 2011. Almost 2 years! We praise God for his blessings.
Briefly, Sujo was 58 years old when he came to see us. He is from Indonesia. Sometime in August 2010, he experienced breathlessness when climbing stairs. A CT scan in October 2010 indicated gross left pleural effusion associated with lung collapse. There was a lesion at T4 vertebral body associated with erosion. This means the cancer had spread to his bones.
The doctor taped out 2 litres of fluid from his lung. He was asked to go for chemotherapy, but he finally decided not to go ahead with the treatment. Instead, he came to CA Care.


Part 2 – Experience with Iressa & Tarceva While on CA Care Therapy

After encountering disaster after disaster, Sujo had no choice but to turn to the “cancer doctor” in his home town for help. Initially he was prescribed Iressa, which he took for 10 days and gave up due to the side effects. He then moved on to Tarceva.


Part 3 – Side Effects of Medical Treatment

In this video, you hear about (1) the side effects of surgery and (2) the side effects of Tarceva experienced by Sujo.


Part 4 – Can e-Therapy Help Him?

In general, when patients come and see us, they face two problems. One, they suffer the side effects of medical treatments (Part 3). We are expected to solve these problems for them. Two, we also have to take care of their cancer – by right our main concern. While the management of cancer takes place at home, we actively “work” with patients on their pain and physical issues.

Rectal Liver Cancer: Part 1 – Do Not Believe the Prognosis

Language: English

USG, CT scan, and PET scan do not tell the same story. Doctor said: 6 months to live.


Rectal Liver Cancer: Part 2 – Patients, You Need Not Die Yet

Leo is a 51-year-old man. He was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. He had chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After the treatment, the tumour in his rectum was resected. CT scan confirmed metastasis to his liver and was asked to go for more chemotherapy. He declined. He turned to herbs. After being on CA Care therapy for more than a month, Leo did another CT scan and got in touch with Chris Teo.


Rectal Liver Cancer: Part3 – Can’t afford Avastin, Gave up Xeloda

Leo is a 51-year-old man. He was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum But his cancer had spread to his liver. He had 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 25 sessions of radiotherapy. After the treatment, he had a surgery to remove the tumour in his rectum. CT scan showed he was not cured – the tumour in his liver was still there. Leo was asked to go for more chemotherapy. He declined. He wasthen prescribed Xeloda. He took 3 cycles of Xeloda and gave up. He turned to herbs.

Part 1: Drugs did not cure me. Let me die

Language: English

There are 3 parts to this story. It is about a search for another option for cancer treatment after 7X of chemotherapy had failed. Doctors had given up.


Part 2: Her Last Option

My prayer before I slept: “If she has to die, let her die in peace. If she lives, then let her live.”


Part 3: CA Care Therapy Helped, But She Died

After 6 days on herbs, (without any medication) she was better. She passed a lot of stools that have “nice” shape. She used to be constipated, then have diarrhea. She appeared more fresh and has more energy. She slept like a baby for 3 hours. She experienced less pain. Though the body is tired, her mind was clear and fresh.



Breast Cancer: When A Cure is Not a Cure

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

MT is a 44-year-old female from Batam. In August 2005, she found a thumb-sized lump in her right breast. She underwent mastectomy followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 radiation treatments. She took tamoxifen for 5 years.
MT was told by her doctors that she had an early stage breast cancer and she had a 90% chance of cure. She believed her doctors and did exactly as what was told. MT spent a total of 60 million rupiahs for her medical treatment.
In April 2011, MT started having pains in her tail bone and shoulder blade. She took “jamu” (Indonesian herbs). The pain became more intense. Her legs started to hurt. She became breathless — could not walk far as she tires easily.
A CT scan in February 2012 indicated metastasis to her bones. She gave up medical treatment and came to seek our help on 9 March 2012.


After Two Months on CA Care Therapy

About two months on CA Care herbs, MT came back to see us. Her health had improved and there was no more pain. But when she stopped taking the Pain Tea, the pain came back. As she was in Penang for a week, MT was put on the e-Therapy for her pains.


Pain Gone After e-Therapy

Watch the first part of the video carefully. She walked with difficulty and with a limp. She had difficulty sitting down and getting up.
The second part of the video shows what happened to MT after the e-Therapy. After two to four sessions, MT appeared to be a “different person” — free from all pains. She is able to walk normally (no more limps). Sitting down and getting up is no problem anymore.

Chemotherapy: Meaningless Shrinking of Tumour by Chemo

Language: English

YHC is 68 years old. In November 2011, he had a swelling in his right collar bone region. A biopsy was done and the doctor suspected it was cancer. A second opinion confirmed cancer. YHC underwent chemotherapy for lymphoma. Results after chemotherapy on 5 March 2012 was encouraging. But by 28 March 2012 the tumour increased in size! A right pleural effusion was also noted. YHC is now said to have “bronchogenic carcinoma with mediastinal lymph nodes”. His lungs is actually getting worse after chemotherapy.