Walking, Sensitivity of Legs & Stiff Neck Improved After e-Therapy

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Three years ago, CR underwent a surgery for hip and shoulder joint replacement. After this, she had the following problems:
1) Her left leg felt heavy when walking.
2) There were pricking (electric) sensation when the tips of her left leg fingers were touched or when he left foot stepped on something small.
3) There was numbness in her lower left leg.
Her surgeon was not able to help her. That is the way it is. Or CR can go for another operation to correct the problem!
A month ago, she developed a stiff neck. She underwent the e-Therapy when she came to our centre in Penang. And it is with great satisfaction to note that the e-Therapy helped her very much.


CA Care’s Cough Herbs Are Effective

Language: English / Bahasa Indonesia /Malaysia

Today, at CA Care, we have about 120 types of herbs to address the problems of cancer patients who come to see us. When we first started CA Care, we had only two types of herbs, Capsule A and Capsule B. We soon realize that we need more herbal formulation to help cancer patients with various other problems such as coughs, constipation, fluid retention etc.


Ovarian Cancer: After Surgery Left Leg Swollen, Painful, Uncomfortable

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Malaysia

For about a year, SLK had complaints of abdominal distension with mild pain, on and off. An ultrasound showed a large ovarian cyst with nodules. On 4 October 2011 she underwent a surgery in a private hospital in Penang. 8 days after her surgery, she was discharged. She suffered cramps and muscle pull in her left thigh. She was hospitalized again for 6 days. But the pains and discomfort did not go away. The doctor told her that he had done his best and could not offer any more help.

Psoriasis and MDS: After Chemo He Has to Undergo a Bone Marrow Transpantation

Language: English

Psoriasis is a autoimmune chronic disorder of the skin caused by accelerated speed of skin reproduction. One major symptoms of psoriasis is joint inflammation. MDS stands for myelodysplastic syndrome. Here, the bone marrow does not make enough normal blood cells for the body.

Trigger Finger Resolved After Five Sessions

Language: Hokkien

Yoke is a 61-year-old female from Kuala Lumpur. She had a problem of trigger finger over the past seven to eight years ago. About three years ago she underwent an operation to correct the problem. The surgery helped her for some months, but the problem recurred after that. Yoke came to see us on 31 October 2011. She had five sessions of e-Therapy and her problem was resolved. Listen to our conversation.