Trigger Finger Resolved After Five Sessions

Language: Hokkien

Yoke is a 61-year-old female from Kuala Lumpur. She had a problem of trigger finger over the past seven to eight years ago. About three years ago she underwent an operation to correct the problem. The surgery helped her for some months, but the problem recurred after that. Yoke came to see us on 31 October 2011. She had five sessions of e-Therapy and her problem was resolved. Listen to our conversation.


Sleeplessness, Body Aches and Dizziness Resolved

Language: Hokkien

Jee is a 81-year-old femal from Kuala Lumpur. She came to seek our help on 30 October 2011 and stayed for four days in Penang, specifically to do the e-Therapy. Below is our video recording of how she benefited from our therapy.