Pancreatic Cancer: Part 1 – An Encounter With an Oncologist

Language: English

Being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer is devastating enough. And to have your hope dashed is truly the “unkindest cut” of all.


Pancreatic Cancer: Part 2a – The CA Care Therapy


Pancreatic Cancer: Part 2b – Miracles Do Happen at CA Care


Pancreatic Cancer: Part 3 – She found hope in CA Care


Pancreatic Cancer: Severe Pains and Died After PET Scan

Language: Hokkien

Yoke was a 54-year-old female. In October 2010, she had intermittent pains in her abdomen. The pains progressed to her lumbar region, depriving her of sleep. A ultrasound and CT scan and blood test were carried out in a private hospital. She was diagnosed with carcinoma of the pancreas (body and tail) with infiltration of the splenic vein, encasement of the roots of the portal vein and multiple hepatic metastases.
Yoke refused chemotherapy, and came to seek our help on 20 November, 2010. She took CA Care herbs and was doing well. Her pains went away and she had good appetite. She was busy making arrangements for her daughter’s wedding. We did not get to see her very often, but we know she continually took the herbs.
About six months later, in May2011 Yoke came to our centre and complained of severe pains. Why? What had happened? Listen to her story.

Pancreas Cancer: Severe Itch Disappeared and Health Improved After Herbs & e-Therapy

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

56-year-old Bak was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His bile duct was blocked and had poor liver functions. When he came to see u on 10 April 2011, we could see he was “yellow” and had severe itching. Watch the video to see what happened to him.

Pancreatic Cancer: No Cure After Surgery, Gemzar and TCM herbs

Language: English

Her problem started with jaundice. Histology showed pancreatic ductal carcinoma with lymph node metastasis. She underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy that cost S$2,500 per cycle. Before chemo, the oncologist told her she had a high chance of cure. Her CA 19.9 dropped to 100 plus. But after the last chemo, her CA 19.9 started rising to 224. Oncologist: “Something has gone wrong.”

A CT scan showed several tiny pulmonary nodules in both lungs. The oncologist said she must do more chemo, but there was no guarantee. Patient refused. She was on TCM herbs while doing her chemo. And continued until she came to see us. Her CA 19.9 is now 66,000.