Stomach Cancer: Fainted and In ICU After One Chemo

Language:  Hokkien

Lisa is a 35-year-old Indonesian lady. In October 2009, she passed out black stools. She went for medical treatment and seemed to be alright. But in January 2010, a CT scan showed a thickening of the gastric antral wall, consistent with the clinical findings of carcinoma. She went for an operation to remover her stomach. The histopathology dated 12 January 2010 confirmed a diffucse type of adenocarcinoma of stomach, T2N1M1, Stage 4. After 1 cycle of chemotherapy, she fainted and was admitted to the ICU. She was discharged four days later, but could hardly remember many things. She recovered only after one month.


Stomach CA: After Three Biopsies, She Declined Medical Treatment

Language : Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Sometime in July 2009, 69 year old DS has problems with her stomach. A biopsy indicated adenocarcinoma. Doing nothing and suffering more pains, she went for another biopsy. Results indicated differentiated adenocarcinoma. In January, 2011 she came to Penang and had another biopsy performed!

Stomach Cancer: Two Years After Stomach Surgery With No Chemotherapy

Language : Hokkien

In October 2008, LK, a 71-year-old lady was diagnosed with Stage 2 carcinoma of the stomach. She was referred to an oncologist for chemotherapy, but she declined. Instead, she and her family came to seek help at CA Care.
More than 2 years have passed. 5 December 2010, LK came to our centre to seek help with the itchiness that deprived her of her sleep every night. Her legs were weak and she had no strength to walk, compounded by her long-standing backaches. See how e-Therapy helped her.

Stomach Cancer: 20% Benefit From Chemotherapy

Language : English

43-year-old man with stage 3 stomach cancer (signet-cell adenocarcinoma) had 80% of his stomach removed. His oncologist said: With chemo, chances of recurrence is 20%. Without chemo, it is 40%. Another lady was told that with chemo, the chances of recurrence is 30%. Without chemo, it would be 50%. However the second oncologist he went to said there is NO GUARANTEE!

Metastatic Stomach Cancer

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I Have Improved

Four days on e-Therapy, she regained 60% of her health. There was no more vomiting nor dizziness.

She refused chemotherapy

First Advice: Go for surgery, chemo is not effective. Second Advice: Go for Laparoscopy. But surgery aborted due to peritoneal metastases. Third Advice: Go for chemo using Cisplatin + Oral 5-FU
Patient refused chemotherapy due to inconsistent advice. Moreover, her neighbour died after 4 cycles of chemo. He also had stomach cancer and was younger than she.