Chris at Nursing Conference

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Introduction: The Cancer War

According to some experts, the war on cancer is a failure. Based on our work with thousands of cancer patients over the past fourteen years, it appears that the current conventional cancer management needs re-evaluation.


Message 1:

The healing of cancer can be achieved outside the standard recipe of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.


Message 2a:

The avoidance of certain food determines the success or failure of any treatment.


Message 2b:

The avoidance of certain food determines the success or failure of any treatment.


Message 3:

The use of commonsense in decision making is just as vital as the treatment itself.


Message 4:

There is hope, even when there seems to be no hope!


Oncology Seminar USM

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Effectiveness of Herbs

At the Integrative Oncology Seminar organised by USM, 2008 Dr. Chris explained that he is sitting on the other side of the fence. There are many concerns such as safety, quality and effectiveness as to the consumption of herbs among cancer patients. However, he would like to dispel all these biases.


Side Effects and Pains

Can herbs mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy? Can herbs alleviate pain? Let us listern to the patients speak.


Intergrating Herbs with Medicine & Long Term Side Effects

Can herbs and medical treatment be combined? Are there any long term side effects if you take herbs?


Free Fall

Quotations from Medical Experts.
Dr. Barry Boyd in Cancer Recovery Plan: Many doctors don’t bother to counsel their patients after treatment. Once cancer treatment is completed, most patients are left on their own to cope with the rest of their lives……
Dr.Russell Blaylock: Oncologists forbid patients to take herbs or supplements while on treatment. . . This is based on ignorance.


Questions and Anwers

Question: Please tell us the nature of your practice.
Answer: I have formulated at least 80 types of tea for different types of cancers and the problems presented. . . using at least 350 types of herbs. . . And more . . .

Ipoh GH 2006 Talk

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A Two-Month-Old Baby

Nowadays, common sense is a rare commodity. Would you chemo a 2 month-old-baby with metastatic neuroblastoma (Stage 4)?


Three Pillars of Standard Scientific Practice

Dr. Chris explained the three pillars of standard scientific Practice: can measure, can replicate and can predict.


What Happened at CA Care Centre

Chris shared with the medical staff the data we obtained at CA Care. Briefly explained CA Care Therapy and its effectiveness.