Thyroid Cancer & Side Efffects of Hysterectomy

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

After three days of herbs, she said she had never felt so good.
Tiya is a 42-year-old female. In November 2008 she underwent a hysterectomy. Since the surgery her health was never the same again. In January 2011, a scan showed an enlarged right lobe thyroid (44Xs7X30X27 mm). She underwent a thyroidectomy. Her problem was diagnosed as papillary carcinoma. Tiya came to seek our help after her thyroid surgery. She presented with insomnia, lethargy and light-headed, feeling of being unwell throughout the day and not wanting to go anywhere, dizziness and nausea, abdominal gas and shortness of breath when talking and walking. These problems came on after her hysterectomy three years ago. After three days on the herbs, her problems vanished.

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