Kidney-Bone Cancer: Herbs and e-Therapy Helped Reduce His Pain

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

RZ is a 48 year-old Indonesian. He came to seek our help on 18 March 2012, immediately after being discharged from a private hospital. He was in severe pain. Three days after the e-Therapy, his pain was very much relieved.


Breast-Bone Cancer: e-Therapy Relieved Pains of Her Backbone

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

Ati is a 44-year-old lady from Acheh, Indonesia. In early 2011, the nipple in her right breast retracted. There was no discharge, but she felt pulling pains. Although Ati was a staff in a hospital, she refused medical treatment. She went to seek the help of a sinseh in Medan and was took his herbs. Since this did not help, she came to a private hospital in Penang in February 2011.
In Penang, Ati underwent a mastectomy. The histopathology report indicated an infriltrating ductal carcinoma, Stage 2 (T2bN1Mx). One of the five axillary lymph nodes was positive for metastatic cancer.
Ati went back to Acheh and started to take the tea of sour sop leaves for about one and half months. She came back to see her surgeon again for a follow up. An MRI done on 8 April indicated multiple ill define mixed lytic and sclerotic lesions involving the spine – predominantly at the lower thoracic and lumbar spine as well as in the pelvis.
She declined chemotherapy. MRI done on 5 December 2011 revealed extensive vertebral metastasis involving thoracic and lumbar spine. Fracture at L4 vertebra and bilateral neuroforaminal narrowing at L4/5 and L3/4.
Ati and her husband came to seek our help on 8 December 2011. She presented with severe pains in her backbone and wind in her abdomen. She was prescribed some herbs. On 1 January, 2012 Ati came back complaining of persisting severe pain. We put her on e-Therapy to help her with her pains and restricted mobility.


Bone Cancer Part 1: Six Months to Live, Yet 10 Years Have Passed

Language : English

Raju was diagnosed with bone cancer of unknown origin. He was given 6 months to live. When his son came to visit us, Raju was in severe pain and was on morphine. He was unable to walk or lie down to sleep. It has been 11 years now (2010) and Raju is still doing fine! See him at CA Care on 7 November 2010.