Liver Cirrhosis: Two and a Half Years on Herbs and Still Doing Fine

Language:  English

Ling was 60 years old when she first came to see us. She is a known Hepatitis C carrier for over a decade. She did nothing about it, and ate anything she liked. A blood test done on 12 December 2008 indicated elevated liver enzymes and her alpha-fetoprotein was at 75. A repeat of her liver function test done on 31 March 2009 was not good either. A CT scan done on 15 April, 2009 indicated cirrhosis of the liver with portal hypertension. A 13 mm lesion was seen in the right lobe, consistent with a haemangioma. A 15mm cyst was seen in the left lobe of her liver. Her doctor suggested she undergo treatment. Listen to her.


Hepatitis C: Medical treatment or Herbs

Language:  Bahasa Indonesia / Malaysia

In 2005, Asma, an Indonesian felt lethargic and had pains in the sternum. She came to Penang and was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C infection. She was put on interferon therapy and at the same time on Copegus, an oral medication. She received a total of 16 interferon injections. Each injection cost RM800. After the interferon therapy, Asma’s condition deteriorated. The doctor terminated the therapy after four months although the treatment was scheduled for six months. She was put only on Revicon – a nutritional supplement. In February 2008, she came to CA Care, Penang for help.