Prostate Cancer: 1 Story of A Man With Prostate Cancer

Bahasa: Chinese (Cantonese)/ English

CN (H878) is a 61-year-old male. He suffered urine blockage for the past four to five years. With Xatral (medication for trating symptoms of enlarged prostate), his problem was resolved. When he suffered severe back pain, further tests showed metastatic carcinoma consistent with a primary from the prostate. His PSA was at 1018. Lucrn injection plus oral Casodex, his PSA level dropped from 991 to 0.2 in six months. However, after six months, the PSA started to rise from 0.2 – 25.1. CN was asked to go for chemotherapy. He declined and came to CA Care for help. He presented with the following: unable to sleep, had backache, no strength and had difficulty bending forward, difficulty moving left arm, suffered bot flushes and felt “internal heat”.


Prostate Cancer: 2 CRASH!

When all is well, health began to deteriorate – with severe pains and difficulty in walking. Why?


Prostate Cancer: 3 Walking Difficulties Resolved after e-Therapy and Herbs




Prostate Cancer: PSA Declined With Herbs & Increased Without Herbs

Language: English

60-year-old Les had the following underlying medical problems: hypertension, depression, ischaemic heart disease and childhood asthma. In 2004, he was diagnosed with a benign prostatic hyperplasia – a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. This makes urination difficult and uncomfortable. He has been taking Hytrin ever since.
In may 2011, his PSA reading was at 9.2. A biopsy was done, and indicated cancer of the prostate, Gleason score 3 + 3. He was advised to go for chemotherapy or TURP. He declined both procedures. Instead, he came to seek our help on 15 May 2011. After one week on the herbs, Les reported that he felt “heaty”. Four days on the herbs, he did not have any more pain when urinating. But if he stopped taking the herbs, the pain recurred. We did not get to see Les again until the end of March 2012. Listen to our conversation.

Prostate Cancer: PSA Dropping and He Preferred CA Care Herbs to Casodex and Zoladex

Language: Bahasa Indonesia / Bahasa Malaysia

69-year-old ML is from Indonesia. on 6 September 2011, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Before this diagnosis, ML’s PSA had been rising since 1 April, 2008. When he learnt about CA Care, he was on Casodex and Zoladex. Although his PSA dropped from 47.67 to 4.67, he decided to switch to CA Care herbs for fear of the side effects of Casodex and Zoladex. Now, he is very happy as his PSA continue to drop while only on CA Care herbs.

Prostate Cancer: PSA Down to 0.3 from 33.18

Language : Hokkien

Sam (61 years) endured urination problems for more than a year. In March 2010, he sought medical help as there was blockage. A CT scan on 31 March 2010 showed an irregular shaped prostate. The prostatic urethra was dilated and the bladder wall thickened. His PSA was 47.07. He had both his testes removed – his PSA on 4 April 2010 was 33.18. On 28 May 2010, he came to CA Care to seek help – he was prescribed herbs. His PSA reading on 20 September 2010 dropped to 0.3.

Prostate Cancer: Hormones + Herbs

Language : Hokkien

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer, PSA=674. He received hormone injections but took herbs at the same time. Within 2 months his PSA dropped to 2.6 (normal).

Part 1: Adenocarcinoma

Right and left prostatic biopsy. Prostate cancer with seminal vesicle and extensive lymph node involvement.


Part 2: His Then Current Health Problems


Part 3: Initial PSA = 674.5

Given Hormone (goserelin) injection. Took CA  Care herbs at the same time.


Part 4: He is well

4 hormone injections plus 2 months herbs. PSA = 2.6 (normal).